ProNox is a safe and effective self-administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that makes procedures easier to tolerate. It administers a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen and the patient controls when to breathe in the gas based on their pain or anxiety level. Nitrous oxide has been shown to be an effective method of relieving anxiety or pain during dermatologic procedures. When a patient elects to use ProNox, they are given a single use tubing that connects to the device. The patient is asked to take 8 deep breaths through the mouthpiece of the tubing and after approximately 30-60 seconds, the ProNox starts to take effect. During the procedure, if the effects start to wear off, the patient takes another breath to maintain the desired effect and does so throughout the procedure. Once the procedure is finished, the effects of the ProNox wear off over 5-10 minutes. The patient is able to drive 5-10 minutes after the procedure when the effects wear off.


What are the Benefits of ProNox?

  • Onset within minutes and wears off within minutes
  • No driver needed, can drive home within 5-10 minutes of the procedure
  • Self-administered and controlled to your needs throughout the duration of the procedure
  • Increases comfort and speed of treatment
  • Does not require needles, IVs or breathing tubes
  • Proven efficacy and safety
  • Non-addicting, non-narcotic and non-benzodiazepine


What Can I Expect with ProNox?

A new, individually packed breathing tube, hose, and nose clip is used for every single patient at each visit. The patient will sit or lay on their treatment table and be asked to take in 8-10 deep breaths, exhaling directly into the tube. After around 6 breaths, the patient will start to feel a euphoric feeling that continues to lead to greater relaxation and less awareness as the patient continues to take breaths from the machine. During the procedure, as the patient starts to become more aware of the procedure or the pain, they can take additional breaths to their liking and comfort. Once the procedure is over and the patient returns to breathing room air, the effects completely wear off in 5-10 minutes. 


ProNox is not covered under insurance or Medicare and is available for almost any procedure at $100.

Click the following video to see ProNox in use:

ProNox: Because Comfort Matters