Candela V-Beam Perfecta

If rosacea, redness, small vessels on the face or spider veins are your main concern, the V-beam laser is the answer! The V-beam works to target blood vessels and blood cells, which are the base cause of conditions such as rosacea and flushing of the face. Best results are typically seen with a minimum of 2-3 treatments in addition to maintenance treatments a few times per year as needed. The treatments may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on if you are treating a small or a larger area. After treatment, patients should expect increased redness or possibly bruising that recovers over around 1 week. The skin is not broken with this laser, so patients do not need to expect scabbing or bleeding.


Important Pre- and Post-treatment Things to Know

It is highly recommended to avoid tanning and sun exposure for 3-4 weeks before and after each treatment as this can impact the overall outcome. Unfortunately, we cannot treat tanned skin as the laser targets the skin differently which can lead to unfavorable results. Wearing daily moisturizer with sunscreen containing zinc or titanium and an SPF of at least 35 before and after the procedure is highly encouraged. It is recommended to allow the skin to be flushed during the treatment, so avoid using any topicals used to treat flushing and redness for 1 week prior. These can be resumed immediately after treatment. It is also recommended to discontinue exfoliating products like Tretinoin (Retin A) 1 week before treatment to ensure your skin is not too sensitive for the procedure, and these may also be resumed immediately after treatment. 


What is the Cost?

Please call our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation appointment so we can fully understand your cosmetic goals and generate a unique treatment protocol to optimize results. Costs will be discussed during the consultation appointment. Because we are a Dermatology office and your treatments will be performed by or supervised by our Dermatologist, Dr. Heather Layher, we do ask any cosmetic patient be seen for an annual full skin check to ensure nothing dangerous goes unnoticed.

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